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Press Information published by the International Auschwitz Committee


Ban with a signal effect

Ban on Generation Identitaire in France, Image: Aidentity

Ban on Generation Identitaire in France, Image: Aidentity




Commenting on the effort to ban Generation Identitaire in France, the Executive Vice President of the International Auschwitz Committee, Christoph Heubner, said in Berlin:

"For a long time now, and with growing concern, Holocaust survivors in many countries have been closely following the activities generated by the hatred, racism and violence of the identitarian movements in Europe. The French Generation Identitaire is playing a particularly strong role in the growing European network of right-wing extremist hatred. For this reason in particular, the effort to ban the French identarians is gaining a signal effect that extends far beyond France in view of the increasing threats from anti-Semitic and right-wing extremists groups in Europe."


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Executive Vice President
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