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Press Information published by the International Auschwitz Committee


Election posters published by the aggressive fascist group "Der III Weg" bearing murder threats against Green politicians and voters

Election poster of Der III Weg with murder threats against Green politicians and voters. Image: IAC

Election poster of Der III Weg with murder threats against Green politicians and voters. Image: IAC




In response to the activities of the fascist party "Der III Weg" (The Third Path) in the run-up to the German parliamentary elections, Christoph Heubner, the Executive Vice President of the International Auschwitz Committee stated:

"For survivors of the Holocaust it has long since been blatantly obvious that the party "Der III Weg" is a direct successor of the NSDAP Nazi party, and that this Nazi group is constantly willing to propagate their anti-Semitism, racial hatred and the violent eradication of democracy. They are known to repeatedly put this ideological fixation into brutal practice and are now boasting about putting fear into the citizens of Bavaria and Thuringia in recent years as a result of their violent excesses. The “III Weg” election posters that are now on display in Zwickau and elsewhere in Saxony, bearing murder threats to Green politicians and voters, amply emphasize the intent of this group.

The sluggish responses of the local police authorities and state prosecutors shows yet again how reluctant people are in Germany to take immediate and resolute steps against hard-core Nazis. This group should have long since been banned. It is scandalous that once again irreversibly hardened National Socialists are able to romp around in politics and society as if they actually belong to the democratic spectrum that they openly decry."


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