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Press Information published by the International Auschwitz Committee


Former members of the army and the police are radicalizing the ‘Querdenker’ movement

‘Querdenker’ in battle mode. Image: Tagesschau.de

‘Querdenker’ in battle mode. Image: Tagesschau.de




Holocaust survivors are deeply shocked by the revelations of journalists concerning the leading organizational and ideological involvement of former members of the military and the police in the so-called Querdenker movement. In Berlin Christoph Heubner, the Executive Vice President of the International Auschwitz Committee, said:

“It is extremely alarming, and not just for survivors of the Holocaust, to witness how former officers, such as Maximilian Eder, and former policemen have now risen in the ranks of the ‘Querdenker’ scene to become leading figures who are promoting the destabilization of the state with their diatribes and hatred against its representatives. With networks from this scene making increasingly radical efforts to delegitimize the state and stir up anger and hatred in the general public, the road signs are already being set for a march on the Reichstag similar to the march on the Capitol in Washington.

Survivors of the Holocaust already know from personal experience what happens when democracy is eroded, and when hatred and social division gain the upper hand:

That is why they are now counting on a robust democracy with institutions that decisively remove right-wing extremists from the police and the armed forces and, based on the principle of allegiance in retirement, take action against public servants who participate in such network intrigues against the basic democratic order in Germany.”


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