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He was an ambassador for tolerance and a person who gave courage to others: Justin Sonder has died

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In his tribute to the Auschwitz survivor from Chemnitz, Justin Sonder, Christoph Heubner, the Executive Vice President of the International Auschwitz Committee said in Berlin:

“Auschwitz survivors throughout the world are filled with sadness and profound gratitude as they bid farewell to an exceptional person, fellow sufferer and friend, Justin Sonder. Justin Sonder was a great witness of his times and his horrific experiences. His decision to return to his home town, despite all previous anti-Semitic humiliation and the horrors of Auschwitz, was an immense piece of good fortune, not only for the people of Chemnitz, but for the whole of Germany. In his later years Justin Sonder tirelessly engaged in conversation with young people to inform them about the causes of Auschwitz and the threat to democracy caused by anti-Semitic and right-wing extremist hatred. He was an ambassador of tolerance and a person who gave courage to others to become involved in democracy. He was never overcome by anger, vengeance or bitterness. He was always filled with respect for his fellow human beings. Particularly in these times of growing populist hatred and right-wing extremist attacks, we will sorely miss Justin Sonder, as a witness of the times, as a brother and as a friend.”


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