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Name streets and squares after Walter Lübcke!

Name streets and squares after Walter Lübcke!, Foto: ©Eva Oertwig/SCHROEWIG

Name streets and squares after Walter Lübcke!, Foto: ©Eva Oertwig/SCHROEWIG




On the first anniversary of the murder of Walter Lübcke in June 2020, the International Auschwitz Committee already symbolically named a street in Berlin-Tiergarten after him in memory of this important patriot and European.

Following the verdict in the trial for his murder, the IAC is renewing its appeal to name streets, squares or rooms in public buildings after Walter Lübcke in order to strengthen his memory in the struggle against right-wing extremist and Nazi forces in our society. The Executive Vice President of the International Auschwitz Committee, Christoph Heubner, said in Berlin:

"The end of the trail should not be seen as a signal for the end of the struggle with those who prepared and celebrated the murder of Walter Lübcke. Following the trial we are all now committed to transport the values Walter Lübcke stood for, into society, and to make a mark. This is why we are calling on towns and communities in Germany to go beyond their everyday activities and demonstrate the strength and the values of democracy by presenting his name in public spaces. In addition to this, we are also calling on the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Parliament to remember Walter Lübcke in Brussels by naming a room in the EU buildings after him. In this way it can be made clear that all democrats in Europe are united in their opposition to hatred, anti-Semitism and violence."


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