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Remembering the 76th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz: Igor Levit plays pieces chosen by Auschwitz survivors

Igor Levit, Invitation to the Memorial Concert

Igor Levit, Invitation to the Memorial Concert




During these days, Auschwitz survivors around the world are commemorating the 76th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz and International Holocaust Remembrance Day. To mark this occasion the International Auschwitz Committee is collaborating with the Federal State Representation of Lower Saxony and showing the exhibition “What have we achieved? - Auschwitz survivors take stock”. It is mounted on the fence of the Lower Saxony Representation, opposite the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

In addition to this, the two partners are also inviting people to take part in a special online event on Sunday 24 January, at 11 am, which is also being broadcast in livestream to the Auschwitz survivors around the world. As a special gesture of remembrance and a sign of gratitude towards the survivors, the world-renowned pianist Igor Levit will be performing in a Memorial Concert. He will be playing pieces that have comforted and encouraged Auschwitz survivors throughout their lives, and which they have chosen especially for this concert.

Christoph Heubner from the International Auschwitz Committee will be talking about the work of the survivors and introducing them to the audience.

On the occasion of this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day and the IAC events, Christoph Heubner said in Berlin:

“For Auschwitz survivors, this event represents a special climax to this year’s worldwide remembrance ceremonies marking the anniversary of their liberation. They sense the human warmth that is expressed by Igor Levit through his performance and appreciate the special encouragement he is conveying in these months that are so difficult for them. The Remembrance Day in the 76th year after their liberation is both a day of remembrance and a source of concern. They are remembering their murdered family members and fellow prisoners, and especially now they are following with profound concern the challenges facing democracies throughout the world in the shape of anti-Semitism and right-wing extremist hatred. Following their liberation, it was unimaginable to them that this right-wing extremist hatred would ever again be able to reach such levels of violence, or that it would be utilized for populist ends in many countries. Today, when Auschwitz survivors remind us never to forget Auschwitz and its causes, they are also referring to the here and now, and calling out to the people of the present day: Don’t forget your future! Do not be indifferent! Protect democracy!”

And the Minister of Federal and European Affairs for Lower Saxony, Ms Birgit Honé, said:

“It is not only deeply moving but also a warning, that the world-renowned artist Igor Levit is performing in this place so steeped in history, and is playing the favourite pieces chosen by Auschwitz survivors. Still to this day, Jewish life continues to be threatened in Germany and in Europe. We are experiencing everyday racism, intolerance and a surge in hate crimes. This is always an attack on the basic values of our democracy and a dangerous form of historical revisionism. Today, as we remember the victims of the Shoah, we are saying very clearly: We will not stand for any anti-Semitism and hatred of foreigners. We will remain alert and humane, and we will protect the dignity of each and every person.”

The video recording: YouTube Kanal IAK Berlin


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