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Scarred by pain and horror: The Auschwitz survivor Renate Lasker-Harpprecht has died

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It is with sadness, great respect and gratitude that Auschwitz survivors around the globe are bidding farewell to their fellow sufferer and companion Renate Lasker-Harpprecht. In Berlin Christoph Heubner, the Executive Vice President of the International Auschwitz Committee, paid tribute as follows:

“Renate Lasker-Harpprecht was one of the great witnesses of what led to Auschwitz and what happened there. The pain and horror, caused by the Germans’ steady slide into anti-Semitic hatred, scarred and accompanied her throughout her life. Nevertheless, she was still prepared to talk time and again about her own fate and that of her family. She spoke out clearly and decisively, describing the world of the Nazis and the world of Auschwitz: As an admonition and a warning to future generations, to banish anti-Semitism and extreme far-right hatred from their future, in their own interest.”


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