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Press Information published by the International Auschwitz Committee


The extreme right-wing of the AfD, Der Flügel is being observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution: “An encouraging and important signal”

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In view of the current growth of right-wing extremist threats in Europe, Holocaust survivors in the International Auschwitz Committee are gretaly relieved to know that Germany’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution has now placed the right-wing extremist faction of the AfD, Der Flügel (The Wing), under observation, thus making it clear that democracy is taking the current threat by extreme right-wing groupings seriously and is taking a decisive stand against them.

Commenting in Berlin, Christoph Heubner, the Executive Vice President of the IAC said:

"The AfD, with its right-wing extremist components, has meanwhile developed into one of the major centres of leadership and motivation for the right-wing scene, not only in Germany. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution is clearly demonstrating that the AfD’s appeasement strategies and whitewashing attempts have been fruitless: The extreme right-wing and antidemocratic convictions of important elected representatives and members within this party are blatantly obvious. Each and every voter in Germany is able to recognize this. This decision coming from Germany is an encouraging and important signal in the fight against right-wing extremism in Europe."


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