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International Holocaust Survivors Night 2021

International Holocaust Survivors Night 2021 by Claims Conference.

International Holocaust Survivors Night 2021 by Claims Conference.




The claims conference invites you to a special program honoring Holocaust survivors worldwide. Holocaust survivors from around the world – from Israel, the U.S., Germany, Russia, Canada and dozens of other countries – will join together in a digital, global gathering.

Please join us for a truly international program to honor those who survived the atrocities of the Holocaust and emerged from the darkness into the light.  Survivors and dignitaries from around the world will offer Chanukah greetings, there’ll be festive entertainment and the highlight will be a livestream of the official menorah lighting ceremony at the Western Wall (Kotel) in Israel.


The online program will be held on:

Tuesday, November 30
at 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT / 8 PM ISRAEL / 13:00h CET.


The link to watch the lifestream will be located on the Claims Conference website and a recorded version can also be found here afterwards:



Detailed information can be found on the Claims Conference website: