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Press Information published by the International Auschwitz Committee


Thuringia: complete failure through ambition, opportunism and political blindness

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On the day after the democratic parties in Thuringia completely failed in the confrontation with the right-wing extremists in the state parliament, due to ambition, opportunism and political blindness, the politicians are experiencing a huge loss of respect and credibility well beyond Germany, and it is damaging to democracy.

Commenting on the situation, Christoph Heubner, Executive Vice President of the International Auschwitz Committee said in Berlin:

"I met Mr Mohring in June 2018 during his visit to the Auschwitz Memorial and talks at the International Youth Meeting Center in Auschwitz. I saw him as a man of integrity and a credible politician. We agreed that particularly in these times where, throughout Europe, it is the duty of the democratic parties to close ranks, to combat right-wing extremist groupings together, and to protect democracy against those who are determined to constantly undermine it from within. If he takes himself seriously, Mike Mohring can only show the door to the AfD, and never even consider governing with a premier whose instincts for power and ambition have been channelled by the AfD.

The FDP now face a huge challenge to regain credibility and trust: if Herr Lindner was aware of Herr Kemmerich’s power-seeking machinations and subscribed to them, then he should resign as the chair of a liberal party. If Herr Lindner was not party to these considerations, he should exclude Herr Kemmerich from the FDP for behaviour detrimental to the party. The far-right wing of the FDP is once again wide open. On this Day One following the Thuringia debacle, it is easy to recall how Nazi grandees once found their political home in the FDP in the early years of the Federal Republic."


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